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Bunny Mellon, a Lady Gardener, American Style Legend and a mysterious jewel box to many.  Holding memories of things that would mold her into the iconic legend that she became.

What a wonderful book that details the life and times of Rachel Lowe Lambert Lloyd Mellon, better known to the world as “Bunny” Mellon. Loving flowers and nature as a child, Bunny touched many landscapes, creating magnificent gardens of note. At 51 years of age, President Kennedy asked Bunny if she would create a rose garden for him to enjoy. Initially taken aback, Bunny answered yes and allowed her creative juices to lead her in the right direction.

Bunny Mellon’s grandfather encouraged her to connect with the land. Arthur Lowe provided Bunny with a small plot of land to experiment with her passion – gardening. The two of them created a dialog that shared the joys of gardening and nature. This was a bond that Bunny cherished and one she continued through the written word when she was not by his side. Sketching the latest small bloom or a fallen leaf – it was the simple pleasures that gave Bunny joy.

Known for a few of her eccentric traits, Bunny wanted a crisp, but time-worn look on the things that she loved. This was practiced not just in the house, but also in the garden. In the Mellon Garden, Bunny wanted everything just so…and she made sure that it was. Bunny Mellon was also a sister-friend to Jacqueline Kennedy. They were like two peas in a pod and the external world did not matter when they were together.

Bunny Mellon also cared about people.  Aware of the trouble her father’s business caused in Arkansas, Bunny tuned into social issues when she wasn’t embracing gardening. If Bunny liked you, she was your friend to the end.  Many stories were shared about her loyalty upon her death. A collector of children’s books and fairy tales, Bunny’s world was colorful, bumpy, and definitely before it’s time. Twice married, Bunny became a step Mom and a wife at just the right time. Paul Mellon, Bunny’s husband was happily envious of the passion Bunny had for nature and gardening. Ever the gardener, no matter what she was up against, Bunny Mellon did it with style and grace.

There are many interesting facts that the award-winning author, Meryl Gordon, shares throughout the pages of this easy to digest book. The Mellon family entrusted Meryl Gordon to share the life and times of Bunny Mellon. Tastefully written, Bunny Mellon comes to life in the pages of this book. Humanizing aristocracy can sometimes be difficult. Meryl Gordon has eloquently shared the good, the mysterious and the questionable that made Bunny Mellon the iconic woman that she was.

Oh to be able to touch the books in her library. At 103 years old, I am certain that Bunny took many things to the grave. I am glad that we at least have more insight on who Bunny Mellon was.

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