I wanted to take a pause to say Thank You to an organization that I joined two years ago.  I have to tell you that I have been smiling ever since.


G – GROWTHwp-image-2004729035jpg.jpgGreat resources that allow one to grow as a garden communicator. From regional meet ups to newsletter articles that inspire one to travel near and far, cultivating a deeper relationship with the garden. GWA grows better communicators.

W – WISDOMwp-image-1852620049jpg.jpgWonderful connections to writers, teachers, researchers, nursery owners and fellow garden wanderers who speak the same language. After all, the garden is never finished, so you have to return again and again and again.GWA encourages learning.


IMG_4407Acceptance of skills and expertise, whether you are a novice, an accomplished author or a person who communicates about the earth and the gardens we create on it.Advice freely shared to help each other collectively. GWA cultivates friendships.

There are not many organizations that I have come across where ideas are freely exchanged and you just feel like family….from day one.  Every year there are regional events that encourage fellowshipping with local members.  Even if you do not attend all of them, attending even just one is a real eye opener.  Last year the Annual Meeting was held in Atlanta Georgia and it was sincerely a terrific time had by all!!! This year we are embarking upon Buffalo, New York and I am sincerely excited about this inspirational journey.  To see how others interpret beauty in the garden is always exciting as well as educational.

I LOVE MY GWA and can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017….Come on August!



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