In a few days, Elements of Nature will be presenting Stewards of Future Harvests – A Free Community Seed Swap and Gardening Expo. This is a first of its kind in Prince Georges County and should be quite an interesting event. The hostess of the day is Linda L. Jones, Owner of Elements of Nature, a natural skin care, gifts, and collectibles resource. A resident of Prince Georges County, Linda is very active in the horticultural community as a speaker and garden volunteer.  With 25+ years of experience, Linda has presented winter seed sowing at two Washington Gardener Magazine Seed Swaps and is bringing her skills to help us learn how to garden better and to connect communities with the tools to garden effectively. Linda is a member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild, Prince Georges County Herb Society, and many other horticultural affiliations.  Thank you, Linda!!!

There will be a panel of experienced gardeners, sharing stories of how they garden in community settings. With people like Carol Clatterbuck, founder of the Wheatley Garden in Silver Spring, Maryland sharing her story of how she became interested in growing in community. With the spirit of an artist running in her veins, Carole has gardened overseas, Florida and now in the clay soil of the Wheatley Garden in Maryland.  The ability to grow where you are planted is surely a skill set that is of interest to many! Thank You, Carol!

I need to highlight one member of the panel of garden enthusiasts, experts if you will – Ms. Deborah Turner!!! My neighbor and friend, Deborah has a passion for growing and teaching others to grow in community. Having worked with Deborah on Earth Day projects in the Fiesta Place Community Garden, District Heights, Maryland, Clean Up Green Up Day and a few other events in the City of District Heights – I know that Deborah has a story to share as she persisted and continues to persist encouraging others to garden.

Original sign for the District Heights Community Garden Program

Ms. Deborah Turner, Founder, Manager, Fiesta Community Garden, District Heights, MD

As a member of The Association of Garden Writers, I wanted to make certain that the participants received a bag for collecting seeds as well as information that could be useful as they are planning their gardens. I also called in a little help from friends.

HUGE THANK YOU to the following sponsors who provided the quality products for the day:

Proven Winners Color Choice has provided Gardening Simplified.  A fantastic resource book that provides inspiration to make gardening a breeze.  Presenting information in a format that is easy to digest and definitely excite, Proven Winners believes in providing information to assist in creating a landscape that is uniquely yours. You can’t go wrong using Proven Winners plant selections. Thank you for being Proven Winners.

Washington Gardener Magazine has provided one of the popular issues on Seed Starting Basics, information on small space gardening and many other topics.  A local resource for gardening information in the Mid-Atlantic, Washington Gardener Magazine offers two seed swaps in late January as well other events throughout the year. Thank you for being YOUKathy Jentz, Washington Gardener Magazine.

When I think of old friends or seed providers that I have used time and time again I get teary eyed.  Renee’s Gardens is a seed provider that I have used for over 20 years. I know that most home gardeners will not be disappointed by the beauty of the packet, the detailed history and use of the seed, as well as planting instructions and growing notes. Renee sent seeds that will bring life into the garden….I know they will be enjoyed by all and THANK You Renee ‘s  Gardens.

The Gardeners Workshop – such a terrific resource!!!I have known and used this company for many years. Lisa Ziegler and The Gardeners Workshop offer quality gardening tools, supplies, and seeds. One of my favorite items is the Table Top Soil Blocking system. A lucky participant will actually win one of these. Trust me – seed starting will never be the same again!  From seeds, easy arrangers for cut flowers to unique tools, The Gardener’s Workshop is simply awesome!!!Thank You, Lisa and The Gardeners Workshop.

Oh, the beauty of Organics. Lake Valley Organics was gracious enough to provide Certified Organic Seed. What a terrific way to get your personal garden party started. No chemical fertilizers, untreated seed and to be CERTIFIED organically grown…this is a dream come true for this Organic gardener! A true Steward of the Land, I appreciate the efforts that Lake Vally Organics has shown in selecting seeds that will get you started off on the right path. Thank You, Lake Valley Organics for this awesome contribution!!

Anu Essentials has also donated an assortment of special all natural scents created from nature.  Anu is a leader in the business of appreciating all things natural. Anu Essentials has products curated with scents from flowers, stems, leaves bark and roots.  Essentially using all parts of the plant world we know and love.  Thank You, Anu Prestonia and Anu Essentials for contributing.

NOW…all we need is YOU! Local residents who embrace this earth of ours eager to learn something new, network with like-minded neighbors and swap some seeds!!!

There are many other door prizes from Elements of Nature and more…so come on out and be a part of it all.This Saturday, April 15, 2017. The event starts promptly at 10:00 AM and will last until 2:00 PM. It will be held at the Watkins Nature Center 301 Watkins Park Drive, Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!!!

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