For the gardener, Valentines Day can be a creative way to say I Love You. All things Valentine can be found in most stores and is usually a repeat of last year. From the chocolates to the heart-shaped gummies to the boxed chocolates….absolutely BORING!! If you have a favorite gardener, here is the opportunity to show your love. I have a few things that just might go over very well for that gardener in your life.
If your favorite gardener loves chocolates, a gift of Botanical Interests Gardener’s Scrubbing Soap could be the calorie-free answer. In fact, there is a Chocolate Collection offered by Botanical Interests that includes the soap as well as seeds. Offering Chocolate Flower, Nigella Love In A Mist, Ipomoea Chocolate, Helianthus Shock-O-Lat and a Chocolate Cherry Tomato. A unique mix of chocolate for the gardener in your life!

Botanical Interests Gardener’s Scrubbing Soap in an assortment of fragrances including Chocolate, Lemon Calendula, Basil Poppy-seed and Lavender

I have never met a gardener that didn’t love to read. Well among the many new books that are available, one particular book comes to mind. A longtime friend and cut flower farmer Lisa Mason Ziegler has a new book called Vegetables Love Flowers. This book is a must-have on your shelf as you prepare to garden in the coming season. Lisa instructs the reader on how to incorporate vegetable gardening alongside your cutting garden. Answering the questions any gardener might have including learning how to grow and enjoy a pesticide-free garden. Lisa has always had products that were easy to use, seeds that really grow well and growing systems that work. The soil blocker is another loved item offered by The Gardener’s Workshop, Lisa’s business. The Gardener’s Workshop is a wonderful resource for unique seeds and garden related items any gardener would love!

Lisa Mason Ziegler’s latest book Vegetables Love Flowers…

As winter lingers, most plantaholics are studying catalogs.The opportunity for a gardener to pick out their “dream” plants or even pre-planned gardens is the perfect gift! Bluestone Perennials has both of these offerings and more. Known for growing their own plant material in 100% biodegradable pots, Bluestone Perennials is the gift that keeps on giving. The love of your life will learn to look for that email with the weekly specials and coupons. With a 100% guarantee, gifting bluestone perennialsis like introducing your loved one to a family member.

Bluestone Perennials is like an old friend that knows what you need to enhance your garden!

Who doesn’t want roses on Valentines Day? After all it is the symbol of love and passion. Not just any rose but a perfect rose for gift giving. If you are looking for a rose with a natural growth habit, highly resistant to disease, clean foliage, and a wonderful scent, consider a David Austin Roses Known for the quality of his superior breeding practices, David Austin roses truly say you care. A gift like this is more than just a vase of cut roses. It is a day spent with your loved one choosing the proper site, digging the proper hole, amending the soil, and planting the rose bush. Talk about romance in the garden that keeps evolving, David Austin roses just keep on giving!!! In lieu of a week’s worth of roses, your loved one could enjoy a season’s worth of bodacious blooms!!

David Austin roses can be a girl’s best friend. Instead of roses that last for a week once a year, one can have an abundance of bloom in season.

Think outside the heart-shaped box for your Valentine this year.

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