Multicultural, multigenerational volunteers attending to the Martin Luther King statue on our National Mall.

Where is the multicultural voice in the wonderful world of gardening? Who wants to share a cultural story of how or why they garden? Where are the multicultural voices of those who still practice what was taught by the Elders? Where are the voices that are familiar and want to communicate on why the yards down South were swept or know when the right time to pick the perfect sized squash? Where are the multicultural voices that share the horticultural experience, sometimes from a different perspective? Where is the space in which we can share how to prepare, cook and enhance foods that are familiar to us, but perhaps in a healthier manner? As much diversity in the communities that we exist in, why are we not present and sharing?

District Height’s Fiesta Garden on Earth Day. Ms. Deborah Turner is making a difference in this community.

As an active member of the horticultural community, I have noticed that we are MIA.  We are not coming to the table and being served, like everyone else.  I wonder why, where are we and why are we not seeking a platform where we can share. If we do not show up, opportunities that provide networking, collaboration and growth are unknown to us. Not showing up also leaves us trailing behind in new innovations, products, practices, plant material and more.

Welcoming Spring….

Let’s look at what is happening with the importance of safe, clean water and a healthy environment Without clean water, we will have health issues like never before and we need the water to feed the crops that provide food for us to eat.  If we do not ask the questions, share problems that we encounter with the climate changes – which affects our gardens –  we suffer. Why are we not sharing the beauty of gardening in a multicultural setting???

One of the groups I am a member of is called – GWA – The Association for Garden Writers and Communicators.  The benefits of being in fellowship with this Association are numerous. Many of the members are leaders in the horticultural community, authors, speakers, garden bloggers or communicate to the masses about gardening. There are teachers, professors,  nurserymen (and ladies), and many others who have their hands in the soil.  There are regional opportunities to connect with other GWA Members which provide fertile opportunities to cultivate friendships that have lasted for many, many years.

Each year there is a conference in a different art of the country – so there is also the opportunity to travel, learn, see public gardens and private gardens. These are presentations by well-known industry leaders, as well as opportunities for exposure to places we might not be familiar with. Why are we not participating in groups that embrace the voice of many different types of people?

Sharing a personal moment with Mr. Pearl Fryer…a self-taught topiary gardener we need to know. My grandsons were amazed! Exposure is the key to knowledge

To be clear – I am NOT dividing or separating, my goal is to open a door or lead others to opportunities that we just might not know about. The only way we will know is to lift our voices to share, empower each other and participate in the global conversation.

If you want to start small, look at Diversity In Green and join the conversation. Please share so we can all benefit from the act of sharing the knowledge.  I welcome the opportunity to connect and share! Feel free to share the Facebook page Diversity In Green, or reach out via email:

Looking forward to growing and connecting with the multicultural world in which we dwell!!

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