My first Garden Writers Conference and as a newbie, I felt quite at home with like-minded people. Yet Diversity did not show up…..

Diversity is important to me in all that I do. Just like in my garden, I seek diversity in opportunities offered in life that interest me. Unfortunately, diversity does not always follow. While I am aware that I am not the ONLY person of color that is interested in horticulture, I am curious as to why I keep seeing me at the table? There has to be a reason why there are very few minority groups represented? I yearn to learn more about the history and effect of minorities in horticulture. I don’t think I am the only one.

Participating in a Garden Writers Regional Meeting in Maryland. It was a great day and a wonderful opportunity!

Elementary school taught us a few facts about the Settlers and the relationship with the Native Indians. After a substantial number of deaths of English Settlers in the “New World”, Captain John Smith had an idea.  Captain Smith thought it prudent to communicate with the Native Indians to survive. The Native Indians taught him many things about the readily available food grown natively. This helped the English Settlers survive in this new land.