Heritage Harvest Festival at Historic Monticello, Charlottesville, VA

The Heritage Harvest Festival on the grounds of historic Monticello brought back many memories. Having lived in Virginia, while raising my daughters, an escape to the countryside always led to historic adventures.  Trips to Charlottesville to visit Monticello was within reach, as well as country markets along the way. I had not been to the Heritage Harvest Festival in a few years, so this was a welcomed road trip.

Not feeling 100%, my Aunt Yvonne and made the trek to the Heritage Harvest Festival just to get away from it all. I instantly felt better when I saw the Celosia….

Celosia…Red Cockscombs on the grounds of Monticello.

Or did I feel better when I saw this bed of horticultural delights…

A perfect Heirloom patch of mixed flowers for cutting and enjoying on the grounds of Monticello.

Despite the negative publicity that Charlottesville has received of late, I felt a bit better and right at home. Perhaps because I am a country girl at heart. Perhaps because the Ladies who worked at the Michie General Store made us sincerely feel welcome. It did not matter, we were on a mission. Our mission was to say “Hi” and give a big hug to Ira Wallace of Southern Seed…to buy my garlic for Fall planting.

You see, Ira Wallace is a fellow Garden Writer, Master Gardener, Author and worker/owner of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. This is the short list of everything Ira Wallace does or has done. Most importantly, Ira has become a cherished friend. Ira and I bonded at this year’s Garden Bloggers Fling after spending three days sharing and exploring the many gardens in the DMV (more about the Fling later). When I get an invitation to visit, I take it seriously. Ira invited me to come on down and so I did.  It was the perfect day, perfect weather and there was no drama. Ira even helped my Aunt Yvonne select seed for cover crops for her raised beds.

Ira Wallace advising my Aunt Yvonne on what are the better cover crops for the winter garden.

I was not only glad to see Ira Wallace but elated to purchase some garlic cloves from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange as well.

Garlic with planting/harvesting instructions from a reputable resource – Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

It is important to support…and I do when I can!! Thank you, Ira, for Being YOU!!


There were many things to see and do at the Heritage Harvest Festival.  We tasted many different varieties of tomatoes…

The tomato tasting table…all delicious in unique ways.

Next, we headed to the melon counter…..

Yellow melons, white melons, pink melons and red melons – I never had so much melon!

There were a few that Aunt Yvonne made it clear she did not like. I, on the other hand, have never met a melon that I did not like. We moved through the booth and happened upon some heirloom greens.

Heirloom Kale, Collards and Creasey greens. Luscious greens. The taste of some properly cooked collards crossed my mind.

With information sheets to guide the novice gardener, there were also many folks who were ready and available to help. Even the people in the line started sharing memories and recipes as we continued to move through the tent. I happened upon Kamala, a young lady that was sharing the virtues of ginger and turmeric. Her Mom, Ann was just chatting away with the customers who crowded her booth. The naturally unsweetened tea was perfect as the afternoon became a little warm.

Momma Ann was making the tea and serving it up in the midst of fresh ginger root as well as ginger plants for sale.

Locally made tea with fresh ingredients – ginger and turmeric. Nisani Farm actually operates in Takoma Park, MD. and Phenix, VA.

I can not wait to chat with Ann of Nisani Farm to hear about her journey. Every woman has a journey and the next vendor we happened upon, shared a unique journey indeed. Lady Farmer – we have been waiting for you! With a sustainable clothing line and more about to hit the DMV, as well as the web, conscious clothing choices are within reach. Emma and Mary have lots in store to share! I am excited!

Lady farmer – offering unique sustainable clothing – locally! I need NEED the overalls, Lady Farmer!

They will be promoting their wares once the website goes live….

I just had to have this really cool carryall bag – so much better than plastic and easy on the shoulders!

It was a full day in Charlottesville at the Harvest Heritage Festival. Triggering memories of my daughters running in the lawn and stopping at the Tavern for candy and ice cream.

I am certain that some people stayed away due to the National attention Charlottesville received a few weekends prior to the Harvest Heritage Festival. Let me tell you, it was a day where trouble was not welcome. Community, history buffs and those who embraced gardening all shared the West lawn and grounds of Monticello in peace. I am so glad I was not scared away! What a great day experiencing community, history, and gardening at the Heritage Harvest Festival!

My Aunt Yvonne and I pausing before the long trek home…

Til next year Harvest Heritage Festival,


Teri – at the Cottage In The Court


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