As a native Washingtonian, I take it personally when I notice that finding resources that are mainstays in the community are disappearing.  As I drove down Pennsylvania Avenue the other day, I noticed what I thought was a rumor become a reality.  Frager’s Hardware Garden Center is moving….or pausing (my prayer).

If you remember there was a fire and then talk of renovation.  The fire truly took its toll on the surrounding Frager Community, as well as the customers – like me.  I anticipated the pots of Primrose, Stock and other early cool season annuals that welcomed us in late winter….but not this year.  I have to tell you I am devastated. When things like this happen to make way for housing or small businesses, I truly understand.  I also understand that finding affordable land or space within the City limits, is difficult at best. It just deepens my efforts to be mindful of my environmental footprint as I seek to keep my dollars in the communities that I care about.  I prefer to shop small local business in lieu of big box stores.  I want vendors to remember me from a conversation, a plant request or simply because I am a regular. I have not found this when I shop the Big Box stores.  Customer Service is key to winning and maintaining clientele.  I found excellent customer service at Frager’s and Christine was always there to answer any questions or special order plant material I needed for a project.  I want to say Thank You Christine and Staff for making my world easier in so many ways.

I understand that Frager’s is looking for affordable space to put down some roots as soon as possible.  As they await the renovation of the garden center and storefront on Pennsylvania Avenue, this Spring will be different in so many ways.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that consideration is taken for a location in Prince Georges County, perhaps just over the line.  It would be the best of both world’s – close to DC and trust me – Central Prince Georges County could use a garden center with a local, highly regarded name.

In the meantime, I will stop by to support til the store closes at the end of February and prayerfully by that time, a new location will present itself and Spring 2017 will once again be something to look forward to.

Frager’s you are in my heart and on my mind….as I am heartbroken. My drive home will be changed until you return ………..and I am counting on your return!!!

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