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The last thing most gardeners want to do is measure detergent and fabric softener to clean soiled clothing after playing in the garden. I have frequently thought there should be a way to feel confidant that my work clothes would be thoroughly cleaned – especially that ground in soil – without pre-spotting, deodorized and have a lasting fresh scent that lasts beyond laundry day. Procter & Gamble was listening and I am happy to say I love my Gain flings!
gainpodpromoThe benefits of Gain flings! – these little workhorses in a pre-measured packet – are threefold and simply amazing. I no longer worry about being extra careful when kneeling in the garden or wiping my muddy hands on my pants. Gain flings! offer a superior cleaning experience that allows me to garden freely and not worry about getting dirty. The power of OxiBoost, breaks down those deeply stained and soiled spots without leaving a trace of dirt.

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Gain flings! also offer the odor fighting power of Febreze. That lingering odor of the great outdoors that all gardeners know, does not resurface a day later like with other detergents. What a great thing to be known by the freshness of your clothing instead of a stale odor (even after repeated washing’s). The long lasting fragrance, 50% more than other brands brings added value to Gain flings!  Another great thing about Gain flings! – I do not have to worry about water temps or type of washing machine I have, it works in all types. As with all cleaning agents, Gain flings! should be kept up and away from areas where little children have access.

Desiring a beautiful and welcoming garden when I return home from the office, requires a little work. Gain flings! have reinvented the thought process of doing laundry and merely requires dropping in a Gain flings!packet, which requires very little work on my part. It is as simple as putting the clothes in the washing machine, dropping in a Gain flings! and knowing that at the end of the cycle, all will be cleaned, deodorized and have a long lasting fresh scent. I could not ask for a more efficient way to make doing my laundry a beautiful experience. Gain flings! are a dream come true!

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