A beautiful Saturday wandering through the local countryside provides the opportunity to happen upon absolutely gorgeous landscapes.  Some new to the wanderer and others, familiar places visited in a different season or time.  I knew earlier last week that it was time for me to visit a somewhat familiar place in Howard County, Maryland.  Known as Sharps at Waterford Farmimg_20160423_144022.jpg

Down Georgia Avenue, through the construction and mega homes, around the winding bends on the once familiar Montgomery County Roads of my youth, go past the Tridelphia Reservoir,  left on Jennings Chapel Road….til you see the sign, Sharps at Waterford Farm .  After making the right onto the farm road, keeping one’s mouth shut as you pass through this beautiful setting, is like a slide show from your window. It is more difficult than I could ever describe, although it is etched in my mind.

You can feel the bucolic setting embrace you and all your cares drift away, if you ease down the lane, not rushing, pausing and taking in the ambiance of a different time.

From the pond on the left….20160423_144600.jpgto the serene pasture topped by fluffy clouds to the right…..20160423_144616.jpg

…you know that it is seriously time to slow down and savor the moment. Once you grace the crest of the hill along the dirt and stone road, a barn pops up, erupting the gold and green fields with a picturesque farm setting.  This setting speaks to a harmonious existence between man and nature, truly something out of the past.20160423_144757.jpgThe horses welcomed me to this serene environment, eyeing me as I slowly drove past, bidding them “Hello” as they nibbled on the grass under their hoofs. 20160423_144844.jpg

A bit of the history of Sharps at Waterford Farm.  If it had not been for Emma Day, a native of Howard County and Asa Sharp, we would not have this jewel in the local countryside. Originally settling in Knollwood, now Sharp Road in Glenelg, Maryland, the Sharp family ran a farm and had 7 children. Utilizing their children to assist with the daily chores and harvest, their Son Chuck eventually began running the farm as a full-time business with his wife, Denise. Their son Alan has returned to the farm after college and I hope he will continue this 100+ year legacy of being a true Steward of the land. This is an eco-friendly farm that promotes protecting our environment….how awesome is this??

What would make you want to visit this Jewel in Howard County???  It is the perfect place for fun whether you are seeking a place to hike the over 100 woodland acres or a simple picnic for two in a serene setting.  The environmental programming, which includes several different tiers of educational opportunities for all ages can be embraced by all.  Homeschoolers, Schools, Girl and Boy Scouts, as well as generations of families, have taken part in the programs since 1980. There is a Second Saturday Farmer Series which upon completion of doing the daily farm chores – including feeding the animals – young ones can earn a Junior Farmer Certificate.  There are seasonal scavenger hunts, Ponds, Puddles and Creeks Adventures, Second Saturday Creekside and a Wonderful World of Worms Composting exercise.

Did I mention the hay rides???

Farmer Sharp is a delightful host.  His infectious laugh and engaging demeanor put everyone at ease – even when allowing a young child to operate the tractor for the infamous hayrides!!

If you need a day to just get away, take a trip out to where the Cat Tail Creek weaves its way to the Tridelphia Reservoir and you are sure to happen upon Sharps at Waterford Farm.  A day at Sharps at Waterford Farm is a day to be remembered no matter what season, with children or simply a day to get away.

Tell the goats, Teri sent you!!img_20160423_160419.jpg


To find out more about where your drinking water comes from click Tridelphia Reservoir.

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Click Sharps at Waterford Farm to inquire about Corporate events, large group events or to find out what is happening at the farm.


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