Lucinda’s garden lingers in my mind even after The Garden Bloggers Fling has passed. It is imprinted in my heart after wandering through one early morning in May. The colors ever cheerful, the whimsical art and coveted pieces from Lucinda’s life journey.

Lucinda’s garden welcomed us with a smile…and made our departure bittersweet.

Lucinda’s garden persona can be found around every corner, peeking out from under eaves and cozy nooks. She has left her mark of love everywhere imaginable.

From the colorful pots to the statuary, carefully placed memories seen through the eyes of Lucinda were scattered throughout the garden.

Using bold colors reminiscent of her travels to Mexico, Lucinda Hutson created a memory. Paying homage to the people, the culture, and Tequila, Lucinda has authored several books. “Viva Tequila”, is the latest book written by Lucinda Hutson. Nationally known as a food, garden and lifestyle writer, as well as a colorful lecturer, Lucinda has gardened here for 40 years. She welcomed Garden Bloggers from around the country to see her creative use of space. What a perfect place to visit for the 10th Anniversary of The Garden Bloggers Fling. This Texican garden truly celebrated the diversity found in Austin Texas…and in its gardens!

This bench beckoned me to sit, pause and stay awhile as I smiled at the color popping before my very eyes. A visual breakfast of sorts!

Hesitant about color? Not Lucinda! Second-guessing what coordinates with what? Not in this garden! Having some of your peers do a bit of creative tile work to tie things altogether? You can find the work of her talented artisan friends here.

As we wrapped up our visit to this colorful oasis in Austin, this little garden room was perfectly situated. In front of the trickling fountain, many of the Garden Bloggers gasped in awe of the beauty surrounding them.

This is a place that leaves you shaken and stirred like a Drunken Sugar Plum Cocktail (pg. 168, Viva Tequila!). I remember the art, the plants, the tiles and the smiles. All of this, I mentally captured on a beautiful morning in Austin, Texas. I relished in this beautiful moment in Lucinda’s garden.

Starting our day in such a vibrant space, was truly a living alarm clock for the senses. This Garden Bloggers Fling gave me a lot of perspective on how other people garden. Whether on the East Coast, across the Pond, or the Southwest, gardening can be as unique as the gardener. Lucinda’s garden gave us permission to garden with total abandon.

It was here that I realized Lucinda’s garden had released my inner inhibitions to garden with passion and without fear. Afterall the garden should make you smile…

Do you garden with total abandon? Does your garden – whether formal or unique – leave you shaken and stirred?

To find out more about Lucinda Hudson, click here Lucinda. You just might learn a few things about cooking or the history of Tequila as well!

What is a Garden Bloggers Fling? Click to find out about The Garden Bloggers Fling2018.

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