a few seasonal blooms and a touch of green …so refreshing…

Foraged Flower Arranging by Rebekah Clark Moody is a great book for those of us who just need to engage in nature.  When we think of floral arranging, our thoughts instantly go to what’s blooming now.  Foraged Flower Arranging inspires the reader to go beyond the traditional bloom time and seek unusual beauty.

If you embrace being outdoors, take a look around to see what can be foraged for a vase or two inside the home. Webster defines foraged as the act of foraging – to search for provisions, usually for food. When foraging for beauty, it is like feeding the soul. One can look for tree branches, vines or seed pods.

As the leaves are changing on the trees, what a perfect time to create a vase of branches. Foraging branches from the tree’s in the midst of color change and adding accents of season worn blooms can extend bringing nature indoors. Foraging evergreen boughs in different hues and scents can liven up a room. When artfully gathered in a container, the foliage just shows off. Placed outdoors flanking stairs or just standing guard, this is a winter statement that can keep evolving.

Foraging can consist of a few branches from a tree in bloom. A great resource right now are Camellias. This time of the year Camellias are Queen. With just a few branches, the art of Ikebana can make your foraging efforts look quite artistic. Here s an example of what a few Maple tree branches in the right vase can do…

Just a couple of seasonally attired colorful branches.

Ms. Moody also includes a section on making a holiday greens wreath, that can be used indoors or out anywhere. Hung on a door or a mantle, evergreen bough arrangements are true statements of the season. Late fall into winter, evergreen trees and shrubs stand at attention. Waiting to find usefulness as part of an indoor arrangement. Foraging to create unique, bountiful arrangements from nature is a great idea.

Nature sharing it’s seasonal bouquets of beauty

Rebekah Clark Moody’s book, “Foraged Flower Arranging: has me looking everywhere for key elements to use. One of my favorite combinations includes Magnolia leaves, acorns, gumball pods gilded with gold glitter, oversized okra pods and a low vase. Gently toss all the ingredients and artfully distribute into the low side planter.

No matter what level of floral arranging, from beginner to professional, Foraged Flower Arranging is just a great idea. As we approach the holidays, what a great inspirational book to gift. Inspiring one to forage for earthly gleaning’s from nature and just create, is an awesome idea.

Bodaciously beautiful…you just have to get outside and forage!

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