If you are an avid gardener like myself, you are most likely dreaming of the late winter ritual of traveling to the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show.   Instead of worrying about how much snow will fall, will it be icy or not, I am thinking about how in the world I will keep my emotions together as I enter under the 29 foot high marquee of flowers and lights???  Will I be able to embrace an 8 foot tall centerpiece of mixed florals in what will be the largest arrangement ever in the history of the Philadelphia Flower Show??  I dream of how in the world will 1500 calla lilies and 1400 ferns be kept in top condition from February 27th through March 8th?  I wonder what tips and tricks will I learn as I watch the real time floral competitions in the Gardener’s Studio?  I am already envisioning walking down the Horticultural Walk of Fame….as I am mentally already there.

I can only imagine that the theme for this years show will be one to remember as the Philadelphia Horticulture Society presents the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show.


This is the largest and oldest flower showin the United States . Definitely worth visiting whether you are a seasoned gardener or just one who finds the beauty in flowers, gardening, beautification and just need a break from the winter temperatures.  Whenever I have ventured up to the Philadelphia Flower Show, once inside I am transported to the theme of the event – from Paris, British Brillance, Hawaii or the Articulture years -winter, for a few hours, did not exist until I had to don my coat to depart.

This year, there will be a few International Floral Designers  who have not attended the show before.  In addition to the Fine Wines and Spirits area (just found this last year) there will be themed dining areas to help show attendees stay in the moment of the moveis.  A brief movie, “What Is Beauty?”  will feature the Philadelphia Flower Show winning entries for 2015 and will be shown throughout the show.  With the Marketplace offerings to support programming for PHS, one can find the perfect momento, plant, vase, tool or just a great gardening idea to take home and enjoy until next year’s show.  Imagine being transported  to the age of nostalgia where the decadence of the 1920’s  and all things floral are within reach.

Founded in 1827, The Philadelphia Horticulture Society was and still is a non profit organization that has been known to gardners throughout the world.  PHS continues to grow a community of people who understand the benefits of gardening, educating gardeners of all skillsets to enhance their surroundings and share the knowledge of the importance of green spaces.   One of my favorite initiatives of this fine organization is the Philadelphia LandCare Program.  This program maintains more than 10 million square feet of vacant land throughout the City of Philadelphia.  Imagine the impact of this as communities are drawn together, simply by engaging and embracing the beauty and the possibilities of greenspaces.  The work that this organization has done and is still working on is simply amazing.  If we learn from some of their projects, imagine what our communities could look like??

www.PHSonline.org  is a great way to learn more about this awesome 187 year’ s young organization and the other initiatives that they spearhead.

Looking forward to seeing as many gardeners as possible at this years Philadelphia Flower Show!

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