wp-image-910151273jpg.jpgKeeping hope alive in the midst of an extremely busy year has been difficult. No matter how busy,it has been a gratifying year in my garden world. I have been places that I never dreamed of going, seen things I have always dreamed of seeing and in the midst of my madness, there have also been life changes as those I care deeply about and truly love, have come and gone.wp-image-522299399jpg.jpgAs with all storms in life, we weather them good or bad….we just get through them, boots oh, pants legs rolled up high and umbrella nearby. We also should keep hope alive, no matter how challenging.

As I started cleaning up my garden this morning, I wondered if this year took a toll on my perennial meadow. I believe in and practice xeric gardening. In other words, I make an effort to plant things that can thrive on minimum water…. 13 years in, I had planned on renovating the Meadow, but ran out of time in 2016.wp-image-556663587jpg.jpgSeeing seeds of hope have given me a new sense of keeping hope alive and expecting positive outcomes in the garden in 2017…as well as in life. One of the unexpected perennial gifts in my garden are my prized tree peonies. I look forward to them every year. Fearing the worse, I gingerly inspected them this morning…..and I began to smile.wp-image-1887761599jpg.jpgBuds of hope, a blush of anticipation that no matter how cold and gray it is outside, change is inevitable – just like the seasons. Sowing seed means hope is kept alive. Hope that germination will take place, buds will sprout and blooms will follow.

As we go into this season of nesting, let’s all commit to sowing seeds of joy that will cause peace to blossom in our communities. Each of us needs to keep hope alive!

Keeping hope very much alive from The Cottage in the Court!


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