Lights, Camera, Bloom was the catch phrase for this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show. The theme was Celebrating The Movies and was certainly a winning collaborative effort of The Philadelphia Horticultural Society, and its loyal partners as well as Disney and Disney-Pixar.  The most amazing part of the day to me however was not just the amazing floral displays or the exciting feeling of this my yearly ritual, but the group that accompanied me on this year’s journey.  Initially I was a bit concerned as this year’s group was smaller than last year, however with our skilled driver, Mr. Vernon Neddy of All Pro Tours…


to the more than excited residents and friends, including Deborah Turner and Mrs. Sandra Womack of The District Heights Community Garden Program.

IMG_5092 - CopyIMG_5093 - Copy

It was a terrific day had by all!!!

The displays were phenomenal as usual and I was drawn to the glass slipper display,  It really made me feel like I was a Princess and had a garden that was filled with pink and white, with pearls and ribbons woven throughout.  Cut glass, bling and of course the glass slipper made every bloom standout and be pretty, just like a Real Princess would expect in her world. Even down to the floral road gracing the column where a single glass slipper was displayed, under glass of course.  In a different day, in a different time, that was my glass slipper… least that is what I want to believe.




The glass slipper display was my favorite pick of the entire show.  Not just because of the untold, massive amounts of flowers that each chapter of this floral fantasy contained, but because it demonstrated a labor of love all  throughout the display.  Quite romantic, simply amazing and definitely a vision of beauty to me.



After I caught my breath, I noticed a swath of pink and purple.  It was a borrowed view of potted bulbs in shades of pink and purple ….lined up in groupings, just like along a pathway leading to something even more colorful, more exciting and more appealing to the eye.  The eye candy was something to savor this year, at every turn looking up and looking down.

IMG_4929 - Copy

Tulips are gorgeous and they do speak of a season that is longed for after winter’s woes.  I am personally more of a daffodil girl, longevity in a bloom, a little fragrance, both are important to me.  Perhaps I might give tulips another chance as there were a few pots that actually caught my eye.

IMG_4938 - CopyIMG_4932 - Copy

Looking into the center of these tulips made me think of the fresh smell of spring, damp soil, life under the soil waiting to awaken.  When I leaned in closely, I think I heard the tulips say 16 more days til Spring …..and we are worth the wait in the garden…or it could have been my imagination, Disney will do that to you!!

Once I got past the tulips and declared that YES, I would consider them for my garden this fall. I will check with some reputable suppliers for some interesting bulbs when it is time to buy later this year.

Sometimes it is not always about the destination, but the journey itself.  It was very interesting to see people interact, mingle and embrace those they had not met before.  There was a garden on my bus last Wednesday.  There was a garden of different people, some had things in common, others did not and while others wove their wave from seat to seat, creating conversation, cracking jokes and sharing their thoughts about the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show.  I was emotionally full as it was a beautiful thing on the bus last week.  It was a beautiful thing to make the trip a success, the opportunity to encourage others to garden with a passion, to get involved in the community effort to beautify and most important – to follow through on the mission of The Garden Coalition.  Our mission is to grow a strong gardening community in Central Prince Georges County, starting right here in District Heights!!!

I will share more later, right now I am merely savoring the memories……………





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