There is nothing better than a box or a stocking filled with something absolutely BRAND SPANKING NEW!!! Gifting reaches a whole new level when an item is something that no one else has.  Allow me to share 4 items that might make you the “Star” of someone’s holiday.

Walks of Inspiration by Tina Playerwalks-of-inspirationEach of knows that person who might be difficult to shop for or they might be holiday neutral. Here is the perfect book to consider. Tina Player has created a wonderful photo book combined with inspirational thoughts for gifting …or keeping. Tina starts her day out by taking walks in the morning, which helps set the tone of her day. As an Event Planner in the Tennessee, Tristate area, clarity of thought and being out in nature can only make her day go as smooth as possible.  The concept for this book came from these daily walks and spiritual thoughts – the perfect recipe for a great day.

Gorgeous landscapes and reflections are great as a pick me up when we make time to pause.  A great NEW book for the upcoming season or any time of the year. Tina is #DisruptingAging as she is following her newfound voice through photography and verse. The book can be purchased here.

Ironweed Apparel

When I think of Ironweed, I think of a tough, beautiful, native plant that stands up under challenging conditions and is a perennial beauty. It seems Ironweed Apparel evolved with these same standards in mind as they present a wonderful NEW line of t-shirts for the gardener or garden lover.  Who is this team? Jessica Walliser and her husband are the Founders of Ironweed Apparel.  Jessica is actively involved in conservation efforts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an author, a radio personality, an educator, garden communicator and more. Thoughtful enough to realize that gardeners needed a line of apparel which reflects our inner voice, Jessica Walliser, and her team are certainly filling a void.gardentshirt3ironweed_large Not JUST a t-shirt, but a t-shirt curated the old-fashioned way. In collaboration with local Pittsburg artist, Kim Fox, hand carved linoleum block prints are lovingly stamped onto extremely soft t-shirts using vintage inks. Commonwealth Press then uses traditional silk screening techniques on each shirt ensuring a unique footprint of sorts. A t-shirt with this kind of love cannot be mass-produced.gardening_tee_shirt_womens_sow_2_large-ironwood-t-shirt The care this team puts into each t-shirt can be seen in the quality fabric, comfortable style, and awesomely simple prints. With great anticipation of more designs and inspirational thoughts in the near future, anyone would be ecstatic to be a proud owner of a garment from Ironweed Apparel.  I know of a gardener or two that would love to own one of the Ironweed Apparel t-shirts either in a stocking or a boxed set. Who could have just one? There are 7 days in a week…at least 5 of those days are garden worthy….in my humble opinion! To order your awesome t-shirt or gift from Ironweed Apparel click here.

101 Organic Gardening Hacks: Eco-friendly Solutions to Improve Any Garden

101-gardening-hacksMy friend Shawna Coronado has done it again. A NEW book that will be HOT off the press as of January 1, 2017. If you are familiar with Shawna Coronado, you know this is not her first book. Most gardeners are familiar with cool titles such as Grow a Living Wall: Create Vertical Gardens with Purpose, The Go Green Health Plan – It’s Not Facebook, How to Go Green and Save Money In A Down Economy are part of who Shawna Coronado uniquely is.  An author, TV personality, advocate of self-care, and evangelist of living organically, Shawna has graced the garden world with yet another book filled to capacity with terrific gardening hacks that we need to know about.  What is a hack you might ask?  It is simply an idea that has come to fruition.  In the wonderful world of gardening, upcycling or reusing everyday items that have a purpose, function or can be considered art, are hacks. These hacks (ideas) are shared, reshared and tweaked to fit the individual garden.  From empty wine bottles to leftover wood, Shawna inspires us to be mindful and reconsider our wasteful ways….and perhaps tap into our creative selves.

Imagine pre-ordering this book as a gift and the recipient reading it on a cold, snowy January night…with the ever-growing heap of seed catalogs!  Sounds like 101 Gardening Hacks would be just what the creative gardener would need….but you will have ordered it in advance from Amazon.This book would make a memorable gift!!!

Garden Bloggers Fling

Fling-2017-Logo-300dpiI need to throw a surprise in here to promote a long overdue event in the DMV.  If you are a Garden Blogger or know of a Garden Blogger that has had an active Garden Blog for at least 6 months this is a can’t miss event – ripe for the gifting. This the ultimate gift to self or a terrific way to win wonderful brownie points from the gardener in your life. What is the Garden Bloggers Fling?  It is a Garden Party of sorts that is held over the course of 3 to 4 days where active Garden Bloggers gather, tour, acquire awesome goodie bags, break bread together, as well as visit a winery.  Who said Garden Bloggers aren’t any fun??? Each year this event is held in a different city and attracts active Garden Bloggers from not just the United States, but Canada and Europe as well. I can tell you that some unanticipated gorgeous gardens are in store as well as some traditional gardens found on our National Mall.  Just think – 3 days, 2 States and 1 City, private and public gardens, winery, food, and fellowship?? If you are interested in gifting this to yourself or to another Garden Blogger, you might want to take a peek here.  Are you gifting someone a trip to the party or are you gifting yourself?  It is a can’t miss event!!!

This is my list of four NEW and EXCITING items for gifting.  As we inch closer to the end of the year, I hope that you will consider these as you search for that meaningful gift in this season of sharing!

Til next week…Happy Gifting!!!



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