IMG_3298Six months ago, on this date in August, I was standing in Monet’s garden at the edge of the town of Vernon, in France. I was not thinking of anything but the beauty that surrounded me at that very moment in time. I paused to look up at the house, perhaps where Monet stood at some point in time to see his handiwork from a different perspective. I am sure that he had to look up and around to get his thoughts together, to see exactly what he would paint. Knowing that he had to capture the right subject, at the right time, exercising precision on how he would express his thoughts and share them via his art.  I am in eternal amazement at this man, this artist, the stroke of his brush and how he made his canvas teach. IMG_3075The work of Monet continues to teach me that pausing to capture fleeting moments is important. To some his art is just a painting from his garden – to me it is a moment captured in time. To some Monet only exists via his famous works of art – to me, it is his vision of plants dancing closely together, embracing and shielding each other. A vision that warrants a collective gasp from visitors witnessing the ever evolving landscape at Giverny.  IMG_8079These memories are eternally etched in my heart and mind, even amidst the snow of the past week.  I paused to think, this is the perfect time for me to consider how I could create my own Giverny, as the season transitions from Winter into Spring.  This time of nesting, resting and waiting for warmer days and brighter nights allows one to wander into the sleeping garden and consider additional plantings, theme gardens, total renovations of perhaps one or more existing much to consider. IMG_3420As we transition from one month to the next, from one season to a new season, reflecting on the memories and notes we have from seasons past, prove to be a gift. A gift that helps us as we plan for the new season, this year’s garden and curate our version of the beauty that surrounds us….just as Monet did at Giverny.

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