We hear so much about pollinators these days and to some who might not get it from a gardeners standpoint….I tried to come up with a way to increase awareness on the importance of this issue. Our pollinators are so very important for a healthy environment, from growing beautiful flowers to the food we eat.  Food being the common denominator for pollinators and for human beings. IMG_20150725_093745We can find hydrangea’s and azaleas available to be utilized as gifts at this time of the year.  Special days like Easter and Mother’s Day, are perfect opportunities to try something different and new.  What about using these days to re-gift Mother Nature??? What about giving a gift that keeps on giving back???

One could suggest a trip to Key West, to visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. Having a butterfly gently grace your shoulder while meandering through this awesome conservatory specifically curated for all types of butterfly’s is something that I suggest everyone visit if you are ever in Key West.  The butterfly’s flutter about like little pieces of multicolored silk, gently released,aimlessly drifting around all that visit.  The subliminal message I received was “…don’t forget about us.  We need you and you need us……”, a moment I will never forget. You could even bring back a pewter butterfly mounted on a crystal like rock, as a keepsake.

If Florida travel is not on the agenda, perhaps a quick ride over to the closest craft store to pickup a little fun to remind you to protect the pollinators.  Nothing like a paper bee to decorate your desk or hang from a ceiling fan , allowing it to mimic a bee in flight. Let your imagination go and imagine that bee flying in your garden aimlessly looking for the best plant that will provide a source of food.wp-1457012509627.jpegI realize that this would not be something that most would appreciate. I remembered last year at the Philadelphia Flower Show, I happened upon these wonderfully innovative planters called Root Pouch, made from recycled water bottles.  wp-1457012632879.jpegI used all three sizes I purchased last year by planting herbs, celery, bok choy and chard. I cannot wait to reuse them this year, of course with fresh soil and continuing my practice of rotating different plants in the containers. Easy to tote, around to the best sun exposure or tote away from extremely windy conditions. I fell in love with the Root Pouch and will look for more this year at the Philadelphia Flower Show. A great option for free draining, easy to move for optimal sun and easy to move for better wind protection as well.

Keeping this in mind, I happened upon a bit of cuteness at Target and my mind went into gear.wp-1457012697955.jpegThese cuties are 100% mixed fiber felt, quite inexpensive and they have a seasonal cuteness about them.  I lined them with a recycled but clean plastic bag with a few punctured holes at the base. I selected a few seeds that I know butterfly’s love and that are easy to transplant – basil, parsley and dill. I also found a small saucer to protect the surface under the planter.wp-1457012835511.jpeg I will place this in a warm spot, away from draft (probably on top of the fridge for a little bottom heat) and watch while the seeds awaken.  Making sure that I keep a saucer underneath and do not over water, this little planter is made for gifting.  The basil and dill will pop first with the parsley, making its presence known last….a late bloomer, so to speak.  Be creative when educating about protecting our pollinators and encouraging people to grow plants that are needed, to help increase the level of pollinators in the garden. At some point these plants will have to be transplanted, so there is another opportunity for the recipient to engage with nature.

When it’s cute and when it’s fun, learning about pollinators and what workhorses they are, is a subject that will be on the tips of our tongues for quite a while.  Think of how many hugs you will get for providing a creative gift that keeps on giving for a whole season not only to woman/man, but to nature as well!!!

………………..Sixteen days until til Spring…..

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