Eco Community is not a trend it is a way of life.  What is the definition of an Eco Community??  Upon comparing many different definitions of “Eco Community”, I have summed it up  to basically mean a traditional or intentional community that is striving to become more sustainable in social, cultural, economic as well as ecological practices. A mouthful, right??? However, it is achievable.

Kevin Alsop – Alsop Growers…thinking about his community’s needs.

In the Town of Capitol Heights, there is an aspiring Farmer. His name is Kevin Alsop, Alsop Growers. If you have an hour or so, Kevin is more than happy to fill you in on his vision of feeding the masses and sharing his methods of growing as well as reconnecting with the land. I met Kevin and his lovely wife, Alana at the Washington Gardener Seed Exchange. He was anticipating with much joy the Prince Georges County Master Gardener Program and learning more about horticulture. Sharing opportunities as I often do, Kevin and I ended up at the same Community Garden last year, where we both gardened with a passion. Let me tell you – that man can grow some tomato’s!!

Kevin’s heirloom tomato’s. Such healthy plants!

Kevin has found greener pastures this year and what a pasture it is!!! In the Town of Capitol Heights, just up the street from the Capitol Height’s Metro Station, you just might notice a fenced in area behind the bus stop. You also might see Kevin passionately laboring in his place of peace…..more than likely Kevin will welcome you to come and garden with him.  There is no sign, however there are some gorgeous sunflower seedlings, strawberries, peppers, tomato’s, Kale, garlic and much, much, more!!

Kevin has spotted some weeds and is on the job! No chemicals here!!

I remember when this area was dedicated to the residents of Capitol Heights a few years ago. The following Spring I gave a talk to the residents that rented plots there. At the time this Community effort to re-engage the residents with the earth was promising…or so it seemed. Nikita Floyd, Green Forever Landscaping, even built beautiful raised beds to accommodate young, old or even the disabled. It seems as though the interest was not long-lasting and that is where Kevin, Alsop Growers, seized this opportunity to share the joy of growing.

Garlic almost ready to be harvested, recycled kitty litter pail for weeding and awesomely constructed raised beds for growing of course!

Working with the Town of Capitol Heights, as well as local Ministries like Mission of Love Charities – Kevin is putting his feet behind his faith…as well as his mission. His eco-community mission? The Feeding 5000 Initiative. The purpose is to provide naturally grown, locally sourced food for 5000 families annually within the next 5 years. How will The Feeding 5000 Initiative be achieved??  Kevin’s plan is to utilize direct producer to consumer marketing, education as well as hands on training to achieve this goal. What a special opportunity for the 5000 families that will be a part of a local up and coming eco community.

Imagine a delicious pot of beans grown locally in your own community…awesome!

Tomorrow is Capitol Heights Day. Kevin will open the gates to his Eco-Community to share activities with families from children’s events to inspirational talks on the importance of growing ones own or knowing what to grow and how to grow it. The garden plot will welcome the residents of Capitol Heights tomorrow from 10:00 until 6:00 pm at 5400 Emmet Street, Capitol Heights, MD 20743. It will be a great day to enjoy the festivities for residents, friends and families in Central Prince Georges County, Maryland. After all, when it comes to our Temple, isn’t it great to know that you are eating things as fresh as possible???

Such beautiful greens…locally sourced and organically fertilized.

What is going on in your local eco community? Do you have an active role in building a sustainable initiative that will positively affect where you live?

Good News From The Cottage,


Alsop Growers, please click this link to discover more about Kevin.

Green Forever Landscaping, please click this link to find out more about Nikita Floyd, Green Forever Landscaping


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