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It is 2016, a brand new year. A new year allowing us the opportunity to believe that things will be better, get better.  Another chance to believe that we can be and can do better. Simply put, another once in a lifetime opportunity to believe, for we will not see 2016 ever again in our lifetime.

When I look back at 2015, we demonstrated a few things:

  • how insensitive we are
  • how bold we can be
  • how insecure we are
  • how much we can and cannot tolerate
  • how much we do not want to tolerate
  • how we imagined that this Country has healed from the past
  • how much pain is still at the surface, but not talked about
  • how our tongue can unleash misery, as well as pain, without regards of who it affects
  • how our actions can affect the outcomes

I believe that in 2016, we need to believe better. How can we do this?

  • Respect each other and understand sensitive issues that affect ALL people
  • Think before we speak or act……pausing can make most things palatable or allow us to reconsider
  • Understand diversity and appreciate that we are all NOT alike.
  • Recognize that we each have to participate in the healing process of this Nation
  • Have the wisdom to know that a positive action usually creates a positive reaction
  • Not randomly judge each other, give each other a chance to be better than those before our time
  • Find a way, have a conversation to see how we can be of comfort to each other at all times
  • Find a way to RESOLVE our anger towards each other

I view my world as a natural garden. There are many cultivars, colors, heights, textures that all co-exist with each other. The earth was created this way.  Some species require more care than others, some struggle under less than optimal or changing conditions while others thrive on neglect. Gardens resemble the world that we live in. Do gardens fail??? YES. Even a low maintenance garden needs minimal maintenance or it will struggle and eventually fail. I sincerely hope that in 2016, we are better gardeners of the human race…of humanity.

I hope we fertilize our sense of decency, prune our forked tongues, cultivate kindness, plant seeds of positivity and water each other with sincere brotherly love. If we do this in our personal lives, we can become and maintain a beautifully diverse garden filled with peace, love and happiness. We cannot give up on hope, however first we must believe...

I am participating in a 2016 reading challenge called Diversity On The Shelf.  My goal?? To read as many books by authors of color that I can, that will allow me to be a 2nd shelf participant.  I will commit to 12, that would be one a month, in addition to the other books I read.  This month’s book “brown girl dreaming” by Jacqueline Woodson.  Join me?

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