Weather should not be the reason for a delay in seasonal sharing.  As most gardeners know, the weather might mean a temporary delay but not the end of the world. In this holiday season, between work, holiday gatherings and family, time to invest in shopping for gifts…it is NOW!!!!  Luckily, I have options to share!!!gift-wrapped-box

Planning on gifting an escape? Where the weather just might be a little bit better? My friend Holly Myles is more than willing to help you with an escape plan or two.  Check out her latest post on travel options and I hear she has a gift card giveaway as well.  As a Disney Travel Specialist, no need to venture out when you can reach Holly online! Holly…there is a Disney in Paris too, right???wp-1480935952230.pngNot in the mood to travel? Would you prefer to nest with a few good books??? I can’t think of a better company to purchase either books or a gift certificate from than St.Lynne’s Press.  Covering niche topics such as sustainable living, gardening, cooking health and the Slow Lifestyle.  St. Lynn’s Press has a little bit of something for everyone. Creating a Cocktail Garden is easy if you read my friend C.L Fornari’s book The Cocktail Hour Garden.20161217_132826.jpgWant to learn about some cool flowers you just might not know about???  Read Cool Flowers by my friend Lisa Mason Zeigler. That plot of ground was so tempting last Spring when you had an abundance of seedlings for the vegetable garden..the one that by August you were thinking…”this is too much!” If you read Kate Copsey’s The Downsized Veggie Garden, you might learn how to make a smaller space just as productive. Still trying to achieve that perfect garden, but your body is telling you to hold on….SERIOUSLY???? Listen to your body and read Late Bloomer by Jan Coppola Bills as she shares some simple ways to achieve the easy to maintain landscape for those of us who are seasoned (whether you are experienced or just beginning). Want to know what plants or shrubs can be utilized for beauty and cooking? HelenYeost has a few titles that might prove useful Plants with Benefits and Good Berry, Bad Berry. Trust me, I will never look at Callicarpa as just another shrub ever again!!!20161217_132948.jpgI am in a mindful state of being and no matter the weather. When I want a book that speaks to me, I check to see what St. Lynne’s Press has to offer.  St. Lynne’s was the publisher of a book that touched my inner spirit. Heaven Is A Garden by Jan Johnsen was in my satchel daily and I shared the wisdom found within to anyone who would listen. Two other books from St. Lynne’s Press that I need for my collection are Cool Mind, Warm Heart by Steve Roberts and Off On Our Own by Ted Carns.  Did I mention that now is a great time to buy books as gifts or gift certificates from St. Lynne’s Press???  What a terrific way to share a reputable small publisher with those that you love.20161217_133130.jpgNeed stocking stuffers??  Corona tools are easy to find at reputable garden centers or if you are inside due to the weather, order online. I have several Corona tools from hand pruners, weeders to pole pruners.  Made in the USA, Corona tools have been around for quite some time and they have such a great line of equipment for that outdoors person in your life.  I seriously cannot think of a better stocking stuffer than a pair of Corona pruners. I personally do not leave home without mine and panic when I leave the garden and they are not in my bag!!! Corona even has digging tools for all sorts of plantings.

Depending on your zone – it is not too late to plant trees and hardy shrubs.The weather might be a deterrent, but if the ground is not frozen, you still have time.  While some local garden centers may not have a vast selection of plant material available, Nature Hills has got you covered!! Family owned and the largest online nursery in America, Nature Hills offers quality trees and shrubs, as well as garden advice from seasoned garden professionals, bloggers, and garden writers.  I would certainly love to have one of their gift certificates in my stocking!!!

Finally, if you are into delayed beauty, bulbs are the way to go. Indoors or out, Brent and Becky’s Bulbs has you covered.  Although the time for shipping outdoor bulbs has passed, there are other items that Brent and Becky can assist you with for the home and garden. From bulbs (offering pre-cooled bulbs and bulbs for growing indoors as well), garden tools, gift certificates (a sure to please item) to books Brent and Becky Bulbs never disappoint.  A gift that keeps on giving that Brent and Becky offer is the NIV God’s word for Gardeners Bible.  Faith and flowers are always a terrific combination and a unique gift that encourages and inspires anyone, not just gardeners. If nothing else, check out their website and plan ahead for Spring. A gift certificate bought today can be used for January ordering….just saying, gift certificates are always a great thing!!wp-1482002242133.jpgWith 8 days to go and unstable weather conditions, a beverage of your choice and the internet just might be the way to get that last-minute shopping done. I sure hope the Santa in your life is reading this and that your Holiday – whatever it might be – is one filled with peace, joy and those items you wished for. (Remember – self-gifting is allowed!!!)

From the Cottage,


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