Seasonal gifts are upon us. Whether you are totally convinced or not…Spring is here. We have waited for, as well as welcome the beauty of the season.  If you take a look around, look up, look sideways – there are blooms everywhere. From shades of soft pink to the deep magenta of the Magnolia, even the yellow blooms of the forsythia that are just about everywhere, seem to smile and stretch up their branches to welcome the warm sunshine of the day.

From the variegated leaves of the Japanese Maple…

To the blushing Camellia waiting for the right moment to unfurl its petals, sharing the beauty  of voluptuous blooms. This gift that Spring brings is simply amazing.

The Hellebore wakes up the garden in so many ways with late winter elegance. Whether it is the assorted colors or the positioning of the bloom – upright or nodding, this quiet beauty is a welcome sight.The Pulmonaria holds her own, with colors of electric purple and hot pink and leaves, dusted with white fairy dust reminiscent of the winter snow.

Bulbs, once hidden under a blanket of snow, stand at attention as they show off the simple beauty of Spring, once below the earth…

now above ground – providing all the ingredients for vases of sunshine to brighten our lives, if for only a moment. Spring is a season that comes quickly these days and leaves us just as fast with memories of early season beauty and dreams of the colors of summer to come.

May your spring garden gift you with inspiration…..


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