In the peace and quiet of the early morning, I entered my garden with intent. Not to tend to that which has reached the point of imperfection, but to tend to my soul, my heart, my inner self. In the busyness of this year, I neglected a few things. Trust me, I do not feel bad nor do I have any regret. What I do know is that without inner peace or a restful mindset, there is no real JOY.
So I entered my garden with the intent of practicing mindfulness and just being in the moment.


I noticed a pepper, that was ready for harvesting – this after mentally lamenting about how poorly my garden has done this year.


I noticed that one of the Crepe Myrtle trees was blooming it has been in residence in my garden for 3 years and has never bloomed. If I had not ventured into my garden with intent, this might have gone unnoticed.

Lastly, I noticed yet another hydrangea ( hydrangea brings me joy). that had one bloom last year, yet she is quite floriferous this year. wpid-20150801_081354.jpg
I would have missed this had I not conscientiously decided to venture out with the intention of being in silence, absorbing the beauty that we are surrounded by daily.
Do you garden in the spirit of mindfulness?Do you clear your mind and just become present in the moment in your garden?  If not try it, only take yourself, venture into your garden and just be present in the moment.
You will be glad you did.

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