Each of us has favorite things. As we approach the holiday season, I would like to share a few of my favorite things for gifts.  Two items, in particular, are sure to please gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

I used this favorite item earlier this year. While attending The Garden Writer’s Conference in Buffalo, New York, I had no problem staying charged up. Needing a charger that was priced right, had adequate charging power, was quick charging and portable, I checked out Amazon.  Amazon helped me find this wonderful charger from iclever. What a lifesaver this little item has been on more than one occasion. It came with a wonderful pouch to protect the elegant exterior.

My iclever lifesaver!

I can charge two items at one time – my phone and my Kindle Fire. I was even at a blogging conference and was able to charge my phone and allow a friend to charge her phone at the same time!! Who would not want a gift like this??

I could easily add my phone while charging my tablet.

The subtle blue lights to let you know that your favorite item is charging. I pulled this out after not using it for a few weeks. It was still fully charged!

The charging notification lights are not glaring…they are reassuring!

The added bonus is the emergency flashlight. Great for those moments when you just want to keep reading or finding the right way to plug your charger cord.

Emergency lighting is a bonus!

I must say this is a gift that I would want if I had not gifted it to myself. Definitely, something to consider if you are taking a lot of photos of the garden, vacations or recording presentations. I love my iclever portable power bank. Someone on your list would love it as a stocking stuffer as well!

My next favorite thing is called the Bella Fitness Tracker. I am interested in making sure I get my daily steps in, get ample rest and aware of my stress levels. I also need “cute”. The Bella Fitness Tracker gives me all of this and more. I first purchased the Bella Leaf. I have worn it on my wrist, clipped to my shirt and once clipped to the waistband of my pants. Lately, I have worn it as a necklace – even while working out in my Tiara.

My Bella Leaf as a necklace while exercising with the Go Red Team at Blogalicious9. It captured my steps over 12k per day!!

While it does not come with a Crown, the Bella Leaf or urban is available in bundle form with a necklace or a leather double-wrap wristband.

Rose gold goes with most things, so I had to take advantage of this bundle.

I have two clips, 2 necklaces (1 silver and 1 rose gold) and 2 double-wrap wristbands (1 beige and one anthracite), as well as a tool for changing the battery.

The packaging shares key benefits of the Bella Fitness trackers.

A few of the highlights the Bella focuses on are activity levels, sleep patterns, stress levels, and a gentle alarm to remind you to get up and get moving. Getting better all the time the Urban also offers reproductive health monitoring and water resistance. Did I mention there is no need to worry about nightly charging? The battery lasts for 6 months and you can synch the Bella wirelessly to your favorite device.

I have a few other items to suggest for this holiday season or anytime. Monitoring how we are recharging our bodies,  is so very important. Equally important is how equipped we are to stay charged up on our devices.

Hopefully, this will jumpstart some ideas for quick gifting!




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