Hanes had my heart with all of the pink…especially during Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Hanes and Blogalicious9  could not have picked a better year to be partners as they each recognized breast cancer survivors. 

October has traditionally been a month where Breast Cancer Awareness is center stage. There are many walks – as well as runs – scheduled by schools, Corporations, Churches,  social clubs and neighborhoods. Hanes has done something that will help breast cancer survivors feel a little special.

At a recent Blogalicious9 conference, attendees were asked to fill out a questionnaire with basic information.  We were then invited to see all of the wonderful products Hanes offers the consumer. 

I am quite familiar with Hanes as a good quality producer of comfort clothing. I wear tagless t-shirts that wick moisture from my body. Some use these t-shirts for running or jogging. I wear mine while gardening. I can break into a sweat in my Hanes t-shirt and not worry about excessive moisture sitting on my shoulders or back. Hanes products are always easy to find and a pleasure to wear.

Partnering with Hanes really touched my heart this year. The Hanes representatives informed me that many women don’t know their true  bra size. Therefore, many women are either under supported or just uncomfortable in ill-fitting bras.  The Hanes professionals invited me to be measured so I could know my correct bra size. The invitation from Hanes was two-fold.

Once measured by the Hanes professionals, I was excited to receive my gift. In addition to receiving my proper bra size,  I was also was able to help other women in need. Hanes has committed to donate 10 bras to @SHAREing. @SHAREing is an organization that helps women who are cancer survivors. Breast and ovarian cancer is worth fighting to cure, as well as to survive. @SHAREing is there to help.  Imagine a  hotel with about 350+ women with something positive to talk about. For each of the women who were fitted, ten bras would be donated to cancer survivors. Isn’t this awesome?

In addition to being fitted for the proper bra, I received an AWESOME Pink Hanes comfort bra, as well as a soft pink official Blogalicious9 t-shirt. Hanes has made me feel proud to wear and support their products today, as well as, over the years. 


Hanes and Blogalicious9 have made this a meaningful month so far.  Knowing that I have supported two brands with a conscience is a beautiful thing.Thank you Blogalicious9 for a great conference and for partnering with Hanes.

To find out more about Hanes products click Hanes

Click here to find out more about Blogalicious

Disclaimer – All comments in this blog post are sincerely my own opinions. I am merely a recipient of the items I was given at the Blogalicious9 conference.

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