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Gratitude is such a voluptuous word. Rare that this word would be used when describing one’s gratefulness. After googling this word, I found the description that adequately describes my feeling of being grateful for such a voluptuous existence. Dictionary.reference.com defines Voluptuous as 1. Full of characterized by or ministering to indulgence in luxury, pleasure and sensuous enjoyment, 2. derived from gratification of the senses.
Gratitude -9 letters that could I could create an e-book on all that I am grateful for, but instead I will share just a few of the things that come to mind.
1. Ever grateful for the presence of my Dad, a gift from my Mom that is ever-evolving, but always the greatest gift that just keeps on giving. Whether he is fussing at me for overdoing it in the garden, reading half the night away or just giving me the best hug EVER, for the Love from my Dad, I am ever grateful..wpid-wp-1449018287547.jpeg2. I am grateful for my children and grandchildren. Thea, for creating your OWN path to happiness YOUR OWN WAY, Johanna, for being your own kind of woman and mother, Marlin, Tyree and Terreance for hanging out in nature with me. The girls don’t know what they are missing when it comes to climbing tree, rocks and wandering aimlessly about in the wilderness. For each of you, I am grateful.
wpid-wp-1449018612305.jpeg3. I am grateful for Princess Aminia. Aminia has stuck with me through thick and thin, listens to what I write – such a great listener, eats the things I might happen to drop on the floor, understands when I am a little late getting home….for her presence in my world, I am grateful.wpid-wp-1449018895065.jpeg4.I am grateful for a group of bloggers that create an online family that listens, shares, supports and when we can, we connect in person. For Ms. P and the B3’s, I am grateful.
5. For the community of The Garden Writers Association, I am grateful. Kirk, Louise, Helen, CL ,Kate, Denise, John, Kathy (Washington Gardener Magazine) and so MANY others who graciously invited me into this wonderful world of sharing the beauty that surrounds me via my blog, writing book reviews, garden travels and consistent communication that only adds to the sense of belonging to something good – I am grateful. If your name is not listed do not feel slighted, I just didn’t want to list everyone by name :)…but I still Thank You for welcoming me with open arms!
6. For my Cottage In The Court, my home, my little piece of terra firma in this world. Having the Cottage allows me to be ever-present when embracing the seasons, nature, ever-present when I need to find the perfect quiet spot to read, write or just be. Cottage In The Court is more than just a blog, it is my safe haven, found after a life hiccup, the perfect place for me to heal and grow.I am ever so grateful for The Cottage In The Court.
7. Ever grateful for my employer for understanding my love of gardening and sharing all things beautiful. Ever grateful for the opportunity to play “Floral Competition” with fresh, local flowers from the Chairman’s garden – oh so grateful.
wpid-wp-1449019921717.jpeg8. Oh so grateful for the gift of safe journey. Wherever I have traveled, I have made friends, had awesome interesting adventures and most importantly, some of the best memories of my single girls life. Whether my travels are near…
or far…
wpid-wp-1449020420995.jpegI am truly grateful to have returned without having experienced any hurt, harm or danger. For this, I am so grateful and pray for more opportunities to experience the beauty that surrounds us.

9. Finally, I am grateful for my Faith. To believe that in the end, all will be okay is HUGE! I am ever so grateful to cultivate prayers that I feel are ever important to me and for future generations…..oh, so grateful. This has been a year of turmoil, peace and so many blessings. Not perfect mind you, but if we look for perfection in all things, we shall surely continually disappoint ourselves and those around us.
Gratitude…9 letters, 9 ways I am grateful, for my voluptuous existence!

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