It’s mid November and it is time to choose the right thing for your favorite Gardener’s Wish List.  Sure you could get an awesome new tool or the latest glove….just like everyone else. However, I have started my list and I hope it provides inspiration for your list as well.  Always remember personal gifting or a “treat to self” is advisable in any season….it is such a great practice! Believe me, there is nothing wrong with self-love!! Here are three of my 12 great Gardeners Wish List items.


wp-1478817573086.jpgMy friend Anu Prestonia turned me on to a wonderfully natural infused product that is terrific for gift giving.  I simply adore finding perfumes, oils, soap, body balms, body polish, hair care and the like, that I can use with total abandon – especially if they are infused with a touch of nature!  Anu Essentials has provided all that and more.  Developed and created by this wonderful woman connected to the earth, Anu Essentials has a wonderful line of products perfect for stuffing the stocking, under the tree or simply in the form of a gift certificate, so that the recipient can choose on their own.   Body balms with scents like Oakmoss, Juicy, and Sultry to her Signature Scents like Sita, Sea Scape, and Meadowlark – these products just refuse to disappoint.  Can’t decide??  Anu Essentials even has an assortment of gift sets that can be given or received (treat). Anu Essentials certainly tops my list of products….especially Sultry (hint – treat/gift)!!!


Creative people like myself rarely find the excuse to sit down and do something to clear the mind, ease the soul and wander , if only mentally – back to our childhood.  Well, Pat and Becky Stone have created a wonderful, inspirational magazine that embraces the essence of gardening.  Each a creative in their own right – Pat is a former Editor at Mother Earth news and Becky is a storyteller focusing on folklore and African-American stories in North Carolina and nationally as well.  Did I mention that they garden???  wp-1478817988542.jpg

wp-1478817926988.jpgThe Stone family not only creates a great magazine called Green Prints which has authentically written articles of interest as well as awesome art,  but also a terrific coloring book called Great Garden Quotes.  wp-1478817949265.jpgImagine an afternoon where you can color your garden woes away, by revisiting our youth. I remember summer times when I would spend hours and hours deciding how I wanted my finished masterpiece to look. As adults, we somehow have lost the art of just being in the moment.  This coloring book captures our inner childlike spirit and makes us expect positive possibilities as we color the time away.    wp-1478817891817.jpgReading Green Prints and coloring in Great Garden Quotes….what a great way to just be in the moment of peaceful gardening. Hint – this is not just a great stocking stuffer but a great gift for any time of the year!!


If you are like me, cute glasses are a weakness.  It is hard to find cute glasses that reduce computer eye strain (calling all writers and readers – sound familiar) AND are affordable….like under $100.00 on average affordable for single lens prescriptions.  I know I did not believe it either until I met the ladies at Phonetic Eyewear.wp-1478817441831.jpgWhat was so amazing about these lenses? I think I was born wearing glasses, so I am used to the escalating price of eyewear that looks nice.  When I tried these on, I could see!!This cute little red frame made me fall in love.wp-1478817533446.jpg The view was so very clear – without my prescription and there was no glare. I was simply in awe of how clear the words were on the computer screen. If I knew Gardener who was online working or researching as much as I am, I would buy at least a pair or three of cute computer eyewear from Phonetic Eyewear. Under $100.00 for a great single vision pair of glasses….I could jump for joy!!!

I am just getting started as I gather my thoughts on the next three items that will make you a winner in the heart and mind of the Gardener in your life!!

Stay Tuned….there is more to come,



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