Most folks that know me and have seen me work, KNOW I love my tools.  When I find the perfect tool that fits my hand, is the right weight and can allow me to make light of tedious tasks, I share the good find.  The Earth Talon  has been my best kept secret for a year now.  I know – that was selfish, but I had to be sure!!!  What is the Earth Talon you might ask???wpid-20140906_120114.jpg

It is a Gourmet Earth Mover, a shovel if you will.  I have made rocks run, cry and shoot sparks when graced by the touch of the Earth Talon. Seriously – I am a woman in the over fifty age group.  I know that I have slowed down a bit when it comes to eagerly and aggressively digging out shrubs, breaking roots or digging deeply to release huge rocks from the earth. I have  had several shovels break right where the handle meets the metal shank…but not with the Earth Talon.  TheEarth Talon is about 4lbs of sheer power at your fingertips.

While working at a site in the Virginia countryside, I had to quickly install fifty daylilly’s and other assorted plant material in poor rocky soil. I had two guys helping me dig the holes and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to put the Earth Talon  to the ultimate test.  Talk about making light work out of a task that I thought would take all day.  Two hours later, all holes were dug, plant material was installed, garden bed was mulched and I was watering them in!!! The Earth Talon makes the rocks under the soil hold on for dear life.  Even the large rocks and solid, dry soil were easy to flick out of my way….wow those sparks were flying!!!  wpid-20140906_120126.jpgI used the tip of the shovel head for pushing with impact where I wanted the holes and then proceeded to break up the soil easily, quickly and with minimal effort. I love the graceful, sexy and curvaceous shape of the shovel head.  The Earth Talon made working in challenging soil a dream!!!  The hardened tempered steel shovel head makes breaking roots a piece of cake. I also think that one of the best things this shovel has to offer is the wider step on’s at the top of the shovel head. When you have on work boots and you need to have that extra umph of impact, a broader place to put your foot comes in handy!!!

I cannot say enough about this shovel and I selfishly waited to share the wonderful ease of use and functionality it has.  A tool for anyone from homeowners, landscapers, beginners, seniors and everyone in between. The Earth Talon should also be considered a definite for Holiday gift giving for that Lady who loves to garden. I know I enjoy mine…now I am dreaming of the short-handled one for ultra light gardening for my birthday…..

Earth Talon…you should share the love!!!

(These are my opinions after using a sample shovel from the manufacturer, Earth Talon. This is a personal endorsement and I honestly believe that it is a great tool to have in your toolshed!)

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