I recently participated in #GardenChat with Bren Haas and Adam Cortell, featuring Susan Harris and Kathy Jentz who are cultivating an exciting effort promoting garden tourism in the DC area.  We have so much to offer and it is quite a monumental event for these two ladies to be an integral part of the team to take this on. DC Gardens is a seed that has been sown into the public garden known as the DMV.

What will DC Gardens do?? DC Gardens will add value to tourism and a personal touch from a local perspective. One of the goals is to create a directory of gardens with photos, videos and written dialogue creating a guidebook that highlights the beauty that surrounds us.  DC Gardens will also connect gardeners  and garden lovers , with events, garden education and garden related/ green community affairs.  DC Gardens will also  share what the local gardens look like throughout the year. The site has a map that assists one with locating gardens in DC, Maryland and Virginia, as well as monthly garden photos, garden resources and of course ongoing information that we might overlook every day.  One of the things that Susan Harris mentioned was the thought of mobilizing gardeners in every town to share this model so that the tourists who love to garden have a regional resource to go to.  That is a great idea.  I for one plan my travels around what horticultural offerings there are wherever I go.

As with any garden, feeding is required. There is an Indiegogo campaign that will run through April 13, 2015 which launched at the beginning of March. The $25,000.00 that DC Gardens is trying to raise will go towards the ongoing maintenance of DC Gardens to include website design, media, travel, as well as outreach efforts to ensure that it is a quality resource filled with information that will be useful to all.


Who are these bold women who have an idea of how to aerate tourism in the DMV??? Kathy Jentz is Editor of Washington Gardener Magazine and a local garden blogger for WashingtonGardener, CatsInGardens and SeedSwapDay. Susan Harris is a Master Gardener, is actively pursuing greening up the DC area, is part of the blog team for and promotes  As you can see the root of this passion to promote gardening is a common thread between these two ladies.  With the proper care, feeding and handling of DC Gardens could become a model of excellence in promoting gardens wherever we travel – be it local or nationwide.


With the proper participation, enthusiasm and energy YOU CAN GROW THIS even in your town!!


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