IMG_9552The words bold, beautiful, and Beatrix Farrand can easily be used in the same sentence. Beatrix Farrand is one of the Women in Horticulture that has left an impact on my commitment to creating beauty naturally.  Developing an admiration for bold, beautiful memorable gardens, Beatrix left a legacy reflective of her passion for us to enjoy.


Bellefield, National Park Service Headquarters.

With an Aunt like Edith Jones Wharton to help steer her interest, Beatrix Farrand’s talents evolved. Her love of beautiful gardens turned into a career of a lifetime. The introduction to unique people of wealth made a difference in her formative years. These introductions contributed to a successful career in horticulture for Beatrix. Professor Charles Sprague Sargent, the first Director of the Arnold Arboretum in Boston realized this early on.


The restored gate in the walled garden at Bellefield. Flanked by perennial plantings – this was simply gorgeous.

Professor Sargent suggested that Beatrix study Landscape Gardening. Keely aware of the beauty that surrounded her in the homes and gardens that she visited.  The Sargent’s allowed Beatrix to live in their home as she studied horticulture. Urging her to travel while studying the great gardens of Europe, Beatrix returned and shared this knowledge by creating great gardens. One of these gardens is Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, DC.  With my interest piqued, I simply had to see what other gardens of note this Landscape Gardener had created.20160514_171638.jpgThe Garden at Bellefield is part of the Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites., found in Hyde Park, New York. From DC, it is approximately a 5-hour drive to Hyde Park. Bellefield is the Headquarters for the National Park Service of Hyde Park, N. Y.

All of this can be found on the grounds of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt National Historic site which includes the FDR Presidential Library, also known as the Henry A. Wallace Visitor and Educational Center, Springwood and of course The Garden at Bellefield.  These grounds are all uniquely beautiful and speak to the serenity of the area.

The bones of this garden still stand, even though the original plantings have disappeared. From the walls to the trellises to the trees, Beatrix Farrand created. Beatrix created this garden for her cousins, Thomas and Sarah Newbold. After Beatrix had practiced her craft for about two decades, this garden became a reality.  Currently, the National Park Service and The Beatrix Farrand Garden Association are passionate about keeping this walled garden alive.IMG_9515 In keeping with the concept that is a trademark of Beatrix Farrand, the beloved borders are planted by color and seasonal bloom.

There is an interesting bold, beautiful visual experience when you see how such a restrained border contains voluptuous plantings, as well as color.  IMG_9492Simply put, the beauty of Hyde Park is something that every gardener should experience.  am able to say that I have experienced the vision of Beatrix Farrand. IMG_9560

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