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It’s Mothers Day weekend, the rain stopped, the sun came out and if for only one weekend, Mothers are celebrated.  It is an honor to be a Mother of two beautiful images of me, Johanna and Thea. A bigger honor to be a grandmother of Tyree and Terreance, my handsome grandsons. An even bigger honor to be the daughter of  Willie Belton Herron, the third of four daughters, wife to Rev. James Speight and awesome Mom of four – 2 girls and 2 boys.
A homemaker, not a housewife, a friend, a gracious neighbor, and a community volunteer. My mom made us breakfast every morning, was there for us after school, usually met us on the corner to finish walking us home from school and always paused to make sure we had a good conversation and a snack while she prepared our dinner.  My Mom reinforced the fact that it was okay that I considered books to be my best friends (after my big brother Jimmy of course), that it was okay to be a tomboy when my Dad was not at home and made sure that I was signed up for Mrs. Foy’s Charm Class.  In retrospect, it was fun making Mrs. Foy tell me over and over again to stop leaning forward when walking, strut like a horse and make people respect you….because I still went home and climbed trees.

We were cleaned up, fresh clothes and at the table to have dinner as a family when Dad came home. My Mother taught us manners and how to act like ladies and gentlemen. After all, when we left the house, we represented my Mom and my Dad. My Mom taught me to cook, sew and garden from seed.  Yes, in my mind she was and will always be like June Cleaver. My mother certainly raised the bar on what being a stay at home Mom was all about. My mom created an ideally beautiful existence for us that will never be the same without her.

Five years ago, on June 14 my Mother left this earth. It broke our hearts and my life will never be the same. Five years ago, this peony that sat and never bloomed, bloomed for the first time. I do not know the name of this cultivar, it is not important, but it is simply, uniquely beautiful like my Mom. I am posting a photo of this peony instead of my Mom, as she was a very private, quiet, demure and gentle lady. Instead, I share this peony that reminds me of my Mother’s grace, her beauty, her commitment to her children and her love for her family. This year there are 4 buds….like the four children that I am sure will agree, we love and miss her. Have a Beautiful Mothers Day to all who are Mother’s or Mother figures to someone who is in need!

Finding peace, joy and beauty in knowing that I have a Mother who loved each of us with every breath she took…

I miss her dearly……

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