wp-image-249773946jpg.jpgWhere is the beauty in the world I consider my garden? I can reference the garden in many ways, no matter the day, no matter the conversation. I do this because I am a true, to the core believer in peace, love and happiness, all day every day.  I look at the garden and see a multicultural environment interacting with each other and coexisting happily.wp-image-1786833110jpg.jpgI see plants that should be grown in the sunny border, existing happily – not struggling – in the part-shade border. I see shade plants doing the same. I see seedlings popping up out of nowhere under a shrub and existing just fine. Sometimes this simply adds a different dimension to the landscape.

In any landscape, there is a plant that exhibits the characteristics of a weed or a plant out-of-place. No matter how much my Dad weeds his garden daily, I can always step back and see a weed hiding under a plant or shrub, blending in so nicely……until I notice it.wp-image-1084470065jpg.jpgI know to pull the weed immediately so that his beautiful garden is not tainted and he is not overwhelmed by the weeds. Weeds can ruin a perfectly beautiful garden. Sometimes they are aggressive, sometimes they are easily removed. The catch is, one must remember to remove the weed by the root.
If you do not remove the root, it will simply return with a vengeance. You can’t cover it over or ignore it – you have to get to the root, to keep the landscape beautiful. wp-image-1440900381jpg.jpgSometimes getting to the root takes some digging. There are other times when the taproot is deeper than we think. Digging is the organic way to remove the weeds in the garden, digging deep enough to get to the root takes time. Digging is like have a heart to  heart conversation with the soil…and the weed. However if we do not dig and just pull the visible part of the weed, the root often gets stronger……and we do not see it until it is too late. We often do not see the strength of the weed until it takes over the garden.

I am heartbroken and have been in deep thought about the happenings of this week. The weeds have been ignored and now they have overtaken the landscape. What we do not need is the noxious chemical called violence or retaliation to remedy the situation. What we need to do is dig deeply to our core, the soil of our soul and have open, honest conversation to see how we can remedy the weeds that harm our society, the weeds that ruin our landscape. The root has only become stronger because we only removed the top growth, we pushed the soil back over the taproot and thought all was remedied.  We did not dig deep enough to remove the taproot, therefore the taproot remains.

I want my landscape to be one filled with peace, love and happiness. Yes, I am a Pollyanna – have been for years. I will NOT change, I will always think of my landscape, my world, as a beautiful one. My world is filled with diversity, understanding, LOVE, PEACE and most importantly HAPPINESS. My landscape has plants that allow other plants to have the opportunity to enhance the place where they dwell – TOGETHER.wp-image-390383717jpg.jpgI sincerely wish the world would pause to see the beauty that surrounds us so that we can all grow  like the garden in my mind. My garden that grows peace, love and happiness……

Off to embrace the diverse beauty that surrounds me!!!



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