John Boggan (DC Tropics), Traci Blevins (PlantsMap) and our very own Kathy Jentz (Washington Gardener Magazine)….gotta have that photo op

Abundance, abundant or abundantia, this season – known as Autumn – has offered up an abundance of blessings……and it’s just getting started!!! I am not quite sure where to begin, but I want to highlight a few things.  I met so many wonderful people at the Garden Writers and Communicators Conference, I am still addressing cards, just to say how happy I was to meet a fellow Steward of the Land. So many moments to remember that linger in my mind.

Drawn to a table with books, of course, I met a very nice young man from Nature Hills Nursery – Chris Link. We were both admiring a book on Trees.  As our conversation gathered steam, we shared many thoughts from what his company offered (great mail order resource of QUALITY plant material from trees to vines).  I had to check them out since they are family owned – gotta LOVE a small business!!! I understand that they have an amazing selection of popular varieties…..and a Buzz Magenta Buddleia.   I am excited about this resource and look forward to utilizing them in the very near future.  I am also noticing that they  have plant pads…..no longer is there an excuse to not at least TRY to garden with confidence!!!  Check out their website – Nature Hills  If we support the small business or grower, we support community. Not only have I met a new friend, I am also happy that Chris calmed my fears about SEO trials and tribulations!!!

Chris Link and Teri Speight making time for a photo op during the trade show!

Chris Link and Teri Speight making time for a photo op during the trade show!

Visiting the State Botanical Garden of Georgia located  in Athens, Georgia was such a grand opportunity! The gardens were absolutely divine and it is definitely a MUST SEE whenever  you are in Athens,Georgia.  The gardens were well maintained and simply alive with color, shape and form.  The evidence of life was quite evident not only by the presence of pollinators, but by the sound of happy Garden Writers clicking away to save memories of an awesome visit.  wp-image-258088350jpg.jpgThank you State Botanic Garden of Georgia for the goodie bag and the native plants.  I can’t wait til Spring to have that memory included in the beauty at the Cottage!!

The abundant visions of beauty that I have experienced this season, leave me with dreams filled with inspiration from Chihuly in the gardens of the Atlanta Botanic Garden…wp-image-2004729035jpg.jpg


Tours of private hoes throughout Atlanta, with signature touches of art as well…wp-image-1251522600jpg.jpg





The abundance of beauty that I have experienced this season continues locally as well.  As we embrace the spirit of gardening and reconnect with the earth, I want to give a huge virtual hug to W. Atlee Burpee and The Burpee Foundation which  has established a $2.5 Million gift to permanently maintain, develop and fund the White House Vegetable Garden.  It will be gifted to the National Park Foundation which is the entity that maintains the White house Garden.  Thank you Mrs. Obama for your Let’s Move Campaign and sharing how we can be motivated to move just by growing something good and edible!!! HOW AWESOME IS THIS????  To find out more click here White House Kitchen Garden or Let’s Move I am grinning from ear to ear as I watch this reconnection with the earth happen organically…so to speak!!  To find out more about an awesome event happening today, click here White House.


The Rose Garden at Hillwood Museum and Gardens

How does the news just keep getting better???  There is a terrific exhibit at one of my favorite places Hillwood. Think about this – 15 foot tall, fiberglass sculptures recreate “The Seasons”, originally conceived by Giuseppe Arcimboldo.  Philip Haas has recreated this well-known theme in a way never before interpreted on such a large-scale.  It is in place in the gardens through March 31, 2017.  In case you did not know, Hillwood is open most of the year and if you are a member (like me) there are all types of special events that you receive notification of in advance.  I am looking forward to seeing this exhibit as the leaves gingerly grace the landscape…..not to mention the abundant leaf color that will add a colorful backdrop to an already gorgeous landscape. Did I mention the Fall Tours are given at 10:30 am and 12:30 pm until Sunday, November 13, 2016. Perhaps I will see you there??

There is a lot going on this Fall and it all embraces the abundant joy that can be found in the garden.  If time does not allow you to add one more thing to your Fall plans – then plan ahead.

If you are a Garden Blogger, you might want to attend the first Garden Bloggers Fling in the DMV!!!  Imagine that.  Never heard of a Garden Bloggers Fling??  Click here Garden Bloggers Fling 2017 to find out more.  It is going to be the event of the season!!! Thank you Tammy for bringing the world to us as we have some beautiful gardens to share!!


Capital Region Garden Bloggers Fling

June 22-25, 2017

You see, the abundance of all things beautiful in this season and as we look forward to the coming seasons, just has me filled with joy and absolutely full.  Full of hope that more people will embrace gardening, nature and all things beautiful.

Join us as we kick up our legs and embrace the abundance of activities that are available to us .


Kathy Jentz and I starting the party at the Garden Writers Conference…

I hope to see and interact with you in a garden soon……..

Always Mentally In The Garden,
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