Did you know that lemons and lemon water bring added value to our bodies? Our Temples (bodies) need hydration. The art of infusing a slice of lemon is practiced by many who want a twist to their basic glass of water. I personally use a few slices of lime or even, while not citrus, mints of all types are tasty and refreshing, too.  There are even beneficial qualities in the mint family as well.  Lemons usually have  less than 1 gram of sugar, trace minerals like folate, potassium and things that may enhance the bodies metabolism.

Think about it – this gorgeous yellow orb can turn a basic glass of water into a refreshing cocktail. A drink that can help with digestion, enhance our feelings of well-being, helps athletic performance and I personally don’t go into the garden without it!

Lemons are a beautiful thing on a gray day or any day. Did you know how energizing  this wonderful yellow fruit can be while in the garden? I think I even convinced myself to try growing a Meyer Lemon Tree…even if it is just for the fragrant bloom…..and perhaps a lemon or two!

Some of my favorite twisted water combinations would include lemon slices with ginger shavings, slices with strawberries, raspberries, pineapple chunks or fresh blueberries. Another refreshing option is lemon balm or mint, slightly bruised and left to steep overnight in a pitcher. The options are endless and the hydration so uniquely refreshing.

Tis the season to keep our Temple hydrated. Think about naturally flavoring you water, whether you are gardening or just enjoying the beauty of summer. The beauty of the lemon, never gets old to me!

From the Cottage,


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