CottageInTheCourt is where I am cultivating my vision of my passions envisioning and developing gardens, immersing my hands in the earth to beautify my green space as well as feed my body and soul, creating with fiber/fabrics and helping others create their ultimate green space. CottageInTheCourt continually evolves, as I realize that I want to share some of my favorite things, places (at home and abroad), thoughts and of course gardening.

I am Teresa J. Speight, Native Washingtonian, a Mother, Grandmother, avid naturalist, Steward of our Land, Master Gardener, Garden Writer, Environmentalist, History lover, promoter of Afro-centric gardening methods and incorporating such practices in today’s garden’s. To forget the past, as my ancestors hands have helped build and feed this Nation when it was young would disrespect my heritage.  My ancestral sharecropping roots originated in Snow Hill, North Carolina and Laurens, South Carolina,  so connecting with the earth is authentic to me. I cannot and would not want to deny my heritage, particularly as I am passionate about sharing my love of gardening.

I write and share to embrace the beauty that surrounds each of us so that we may reconnect with the soil – whether it is through growing edible or ornamental plant material. It is important to get back to our roots, which is this land that we live in, as well as the grounds we grow in. I love this earth and respect all that it means to each of us.

Found my voice, finally making time to enjoy life where I garden, write and live in my CottageInTheCourt.


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